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Welcome to the nightmare! A Hoarder’s Nightmare, a name chosen because so many times, people would look around at the state of their home and exclaim, “it’s a nightmare!” And for hoarders, whose houses I enter and help them cull, sort, and clean up, it can be quite an overwhelming and scary experience.

A Hoarder’s Nightmare was established in 2010 by Christine, when she, as a single mum thought to herself, “how can I make a living out of doing what I love?” A self-proclaimed “anally retentive order freak”, Christine set about promoting herself to clients who found themselves time poor, and needing help with getting their home in order, to help alleviate the stress of a disorganized environment. It was while she was working with a client in particular, who during the process had a major anxiety attack, that Christine realized she was ill-equipped to handle the mental and emotional fallout of the decluttering process. So, she put the business on hold and spent the next 4 years obtaining her Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

Since then, she has realized that her skillset allows her to also work with those who have serious hoarding issues, not just those who require organizational advice and assistance.

About a hoarders nightmare

The majority of her clients are referred to her through various Mental and Community Health Organisations. Beyond these main services however, Christine also provides assistance to those wishing to sell their house and de-clutter prior to moving; older people who are moving into retirement villages and need to downsize; and deceased estates.

“I absolutely love what I do! It can be quite physically and mentally demanding for me, as well as the client, but when I see a sense of lightness and calm wash over a client’s expression, I know I’ve been able to make someone else’s life just a little bit less overwhelming.”


“Christine is the Wonder Woman of the decluttering world. A highly skilled and very sensitive person who has supported many of my participants to declutter their own homes to maintain their tenancies and address some of their long-standing hoarding issues which impact greatly upon their wellbeing. Christine’s amazing organisational abilities makes such a difference to their lives and she also assists to take away unwanted items to local op shops or even supports someone to have a garage sale. Some people are ‘buried in their treasures’ but you are most definitely worth your weight in gold Christine in assisting them to regain their lives – no challenge is too big or small for A Hoarders Nightmare….”

A. Brown

Partners In Recovery

“Was the best money I have spent, after a recent move I had "stuff" in the garage...no idea what to do with it or where to start. Christine came to my rescue and we had it sorted out in no time at all with unwanted stuff going to the local charity. I even had some spare time to get help with my craft room! Well worth it to get this service. Free from clutter free mind!”

S. Jansen

I met Christine at the home show at the RSL Club in Ballina in early 2015.

Christine has helped me over the years to de-clutter my home with great care and understanding. She’s very pleasant and hard working keeping very conscious of your new learning skill to decided what is worth keeping! Christine was so helpful that when my mother passed I had her come to help pack up her home. It was a huge undertaking but I knew with her energy and organizational skills the job would be done as efficiently as possible and in a caring manner.

I would highly recommend Christine to anyone needing this specialized type of help.

F. Schulz

"Christine is warm, efficient, friendly, and energetic. I was extremely nervous at the prospect of someone sorting my stuff with me, but Christine is caring, understanding, and enthusiastic. I have gained confidence and hope through sessions with her."

S. Bennett

"I have known Christine for some years now, and knowing she had a degree in Psychology, I knew she had the right qualifications and attitude to help me de-clutter and pack my house prior to an interstate move. The entire process took quite some time, but I couldn't have done it without her. She does things in a systematic way, so nothing gets forgotten. I recommend Christine if you need to cull before a move."

P. Boyce

"We used A Hoarder’s Nightmare after the business was recommended to us, and we were extremely happy with the service. My wife’s mother had to move out of her Ballina home of thirty years, into a retirement village, and we live in Canberra, so timing and logistics were difficult for us. However Christine handled it all with great efficiency - arranging a storage service, sorting, skips, a garage sale, removals and final clear-out. She approached everything with vigour, flexibility and clarity, and we found her suggestions and experience to be very helpful. Living so far away, we particularly appreciated the detailed daily reports and photographs showing how the work was progressing. I don’t know how we could have got the place ready to sell without Christine’s help"

J. Kingwell

First impressions; Christine is easy to talk to, empathic, efficient, and knows her job; which were all proved upon completion. We were in an extremely difficult, and emotionally exhausting situation, dealing for the most of the time from a distance until the last push. I am not in good health, and when packing, she took all this into consideration, arriving on time both days, and quickly got to work - on her own, and with a co-worker, non-stop. Her work ethic is consummate for the job. We were given her company details by our Real Estate, and with the highest accolades, would recommend her and her company to meet your needs efficiently... and then some.

Oh, and love the name!

B. Porter

I was looking for someone to help declutter an extreme hoarders home in readiness for renovations.

I am SO SO glad I found Christine from A Hoarders Nightmare, she was an absolute gem, taking control of what  needed to be done and how to achieve this mammoth task.

She knew exactly what to do and worked alongside other workers very professionally, delegating jobs and helping to decipher what needed to be kept and what didn’t.

I would recommend her services to anyone that is needing help in decluttering and organising their home.

S. Gorton

Lifebridge Australia Ltd

If you need help, get these guys in. You won't regret it. Christine is amazing, non judgemental, sympathetic, honest, hard working, and so friendly. Job done in a professional manner. I cannot thank the business enough for taking the stress out of a job that was so hard for our family to deal with. Thank you so much A Hoarder's Nightmare for all you have done for us in this very difficult time. xx

J. Roods